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KUALA LUMPUR – Norlida Abu Hassan, 50, the adoptive mother of Allahyarham Zubaidi Amir Qusyairi Abd Malek made a plea to the public to delete the picture of the child taken behind the window grill of his house in Krubong, Melaka.

She cannot bear to look at the facial expression of the boy who looked very sad.

“Allahu akbar (God Almighty) I cannot look at that picture. It wrenched my heart. Whenever I open Facebook, that picture will pop up. The picture makes me sad. Very sad. I feel dejected.

“I know that Amir was not there just for fun. He surely hoped that I went there. I believe that Amir was looking for me. Waiting for me to come.

“Please. I beg you. Delete that picture. I cannot bear to look at it,” she cried when contacted by MalaysiaGazette.

Media reported that the picture was taken by the boy’s neighbour several days before his body was found in a water bucket.

In her tears, Norlida said that Amir looked like a mature boy in the picture although he was only seven years old.

When he was under Norlida’s care, Amir was a pampered child. According to her, although 11 days have passed since Amir was found dead, she thinks of Amir every second of the day.

She could still feel Amir’s footsteps in her house, his adorable character while sitting at the end of her feet.

She would also bring his ‘smelly’ pillow with her everywhere she goes.

“I tried to be strong, I don’t want to continue to be sad but I can’t. My heart breaks looking at that picture. It is difficult for me to forget Amir, my son,” said the woman, trying to hold her tears.

Although everything that happened were tests from Allah and she is still learning and working on accepting everything whole heartedly, deep in Norlida’s heart, she still could not come to terms as she felt that by allowing Amir to return to his birth mother had caused the unfortunate child to die tragically.

“Amir was brought up with a lot of love by us. Although he is the eldest brother to his other siblings, he is the youngest child in this home.

“He was adorable and pampered. If he was angry, he would be quiet. After that, he would come near me. That was he was.

“I wonder who would care for him if he threw tantrums under the care of his birth mother.

“That made me very sad looking at Amir’s picture,” she sobbed. –MalaysiaGazette

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